Voters Post Political Opinions & Election Reactions on Twitter & Facebook

Lynchburg ,VA - The 2012 Election brought an end to negative political ads, but the new question is, "What's going to stop the negative political posts?"

Facebook and Twitter have been flooded with political opinions.

Some people have even defriended others over their strong political opinions.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but unfortunately, not everyone wants to hear it.

When the decision came in Tuesday, many Americans took their opinions online.

"Obviously they have freedom of speech but I think it's kind of ridiculous sometimes," said Karl Sakas, a local.

We asked people at a local coffee shop to scroll through Facebook to see what their friends had to say.

"It has been really frustrating. Everyone leaving America for Canada or some other foreign country I wish you good luck, the time for you to leave is now," said Liz Menter, quoting her friend's post on Facebook.

"Welcome to a new America where socialism, big government and killing innocent babies is okay," said Sakas, reading one of her friend's post.

Menter says some posts she enjoys.

"I think it's interesting to get to hear what different people think even if it's not the same thing that I think."

And then there are the ones who take it too far.

I have been tempted to defriend some people on Facebook but I remind myself that these are not the only issues and we're going to get over this."

Sakas looks forward to the Facebook feed getting back to the important things.

"I'll be very happy to see those posts, about someone wishing that they had some cheerios and they didn't get their cheerios in the morning," she said.

Twitter reported more than 31 million election related tweets Tuesday night, making the 2012 Election the most tweeted about event in US political history.