Analysts Say Voters Not Excited About Gubernatorial Candidates

Amherst Co., VA- There's so little time now and voters don't seem to be very enthused with their choices in the Governor's race. Even though it's being watched by the whole country, a lot of people here in Virginia have tuned out.

If this were a dating game show, every single candidate would have gotten the ax already. For one reason or another, voters just aren't in love with the people on the ballot. It's hard to fall in love with Ken Cuccinelli or Terry McAuliffe when so much hate is spewed in political ads.

"It's enough to make your eyes and ears you know, want to bleed," said Steve Bragaw, Carter Glass Professor of Government at Sweet Briar College.

Bragaw says brace yourself for even more. Instead of knocking on doors, planting yard sign gardens, and plastering bumpers with stickers, you'll see more attack ads. And Bragaw says they're doing more harm than good.

"Are they doing anything practical in terms of convincing voters to vote positively for someone? No. At this point they're all about, 'don't vote for the other guy.'"

Bragaw says the only place these ads will push undecided voters on Election Day, is back on the couch. And since neither party's voting base is enamored with their guy, they're not getting out the vote either. That low turnout is even hurting candidates in other races.

"The Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General get carried along in the momentum. It's really a whole team, right. But it's really about who's running for governor," said Bragaw.

Right now McAuliffe has what some consider a surprising lead over Cuccinelli in the polls.

"He doesn't give a good speech, he doesn't handle the crowd very well. Why is he out front?" posed Bragaw.

But he says a Cuccinelli comeback isn't very likely.

"Anything's possible. I mean, Terry McAuliffe could get indicted for something, a zombie outbreak could happen, aliens could land."

Bragaw says another reason voters aren't excited about the picks for governor is because they're too far from center. He says historically Virginia voters have liked more moderate candidates, and Cuccinelli and McAuliffe are making voters either jump on the partisan bandwagon, or skip the ride altogether.