Voter Turnout Average In Danville For Most of Day

Danville, VA - In Danville city council and school board seats are on the ballot and a lot more candidates than usual are running. Danville's registrar expected to have more voters this year too. But as of 4:30 Tuesday, turnout is looking about average.From talking to voters today, it is clear people are not happy with the state of the school board and want to see change. That's likely why there are so many candidates running in both the school board and city council races.This year there are 7 candidates on the ballot for city council with 4 seats open. And 5 school board candidates vying for 3 seats, which is a record in Danville. Voters say they are ready to see change on that board."We're particularly concerned about the school boards, the school situation here in Danville. We feel some corrections are needed," said Charles Davis, Danville resident."Hopefully no more closing of schools, we don't need that. Hopefully it will take care of its own," said Sherman Robinson, Danville resident."I think there is a lot of voter dissatisfaction with what they've seen in the public schools and there is a real emphasis on having some change with our school board," said Hunter Byrnes, Danville resident.The registrar who says as of Tuesday late afternoon they have had 14% turnout. The registrar says the results should be in by a little after 8pm.