Volunteers Pitch In To Help Family of Ryan Tribble

Nathalie, VA - The Tribble family has been farming for generations, but this year's crop had to take a back seat when 23-year-old Ryan Tribble was killed in a freak accident at work earlier this month."There are still difficult times, days... but, they're getting a little better, " said family friend Steve Moore.Ryan's father planned to tackle 90 acres of tobacco planting by himself, but other local farmers said not so fast.More than a dozen workers came out before 7 AM Wednesday to help the father get it done. "It's going to rain and he's got about 90 acres of planting. He ain't going to get it planted with a two-row planter if we don't help him plant it, " said volunteer Bob Thompson.Even in the sweltering weather, Thompson says he's happy to help."We don't mind the heat. We don't mind the work one bit. Just helping him, that's all we wanted to get done, " Thompson said.Many of those who couldn't stay all day donated equipment instead - more than $500,000 worth of machinery in all.At first, the elder Tribble resisted all the extra help, but the volunteers wouldn't give in."They just showed up. They called, 'We're coming'...and here they are, " said Moore.The family did not want to speak on camera, still grief-stricken over Ryan's death, but they said they are very thankful for all the support they've received."The community has always been this way. They just show up and help and do whatever has got to be done, " Moore said.