Volunteers Pick Apples in Bedford Co. for Day of Gleaning

Bedford Co., VA - Volunteers picked about 3,000 pounds of apples Thursday in Bedford County, as part of the Commonwealth Day of Gleaning.

Gross' Orchard and Johnson's Orchard were two of eight farms across Virginia participating in the event.

"We're just trying to do something about the waste problem and make sure people are fed," said Wade Mays with Society of St. Andrew. "It'll go to the food banks and a lot of them will be able to use it tonight."

Wade Mays with the hunger relief organization Society of St. Andrew says 130 billion pounds of food are wasted in America each year. Volunteers collected produce considered not big enough, or not pretty enough to sell.

Roger Layne is a long-time Society of St. Andrew Volunteer.

"I thought about the apple orchards, what they did with the dropped apples," said Layne. "So I called up one of the orchards in the area and he said the deer and the rabbits would get it, or they lay there and rot."

The produce collected across Virginia Thursday was delivered to food banks. The apples from Bedford County were taken to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and Salvation Army, both in Lynchburg.

Society of St. Andrew has also started collecting produce that doesn't sell at two farmers markets in Bedford each week. It's taken immediately to a food bank in Bedford.