Volunteers Pack Summer Food For Needy Campbell Co. Students

Campbell Co., VA - Volunteers packed 52 boxes with non-perishable food Wednesday for 52 Campbell County families. A classroom at the Campbell County Technical Center was filled with food and cafeteria service staff and student volunteers loaded the boxes for needy families. For some students their school lunch is the only guaranteed meal of their day, so summer can be tough. The volunteers though, looked to guarantee some food for at least some of the summer. All the food used was donated by Food Lion, Flowers Bakery, local churches and individual donors. "We just want to make sure the children in our community are getting things that they may not necessarily have, families may not have and we just want to be able to provide extra stuff for them" said Ramona Isaacs, a volunteer and Event Organizer. The Campbell County Food Service Association has sent children home with summer meals for eight years; they also provide food for needs kids over Christmas, and Spring breaks.