Volunteers Need Help to Finish Improvements to Phenix Ballpark

Phenix, VA - Folks in Phenix are busy preparing their ballpark for the upcoming baseball season. Volunteers are building their first ever concession stand. But in the midst of construction, they've hit a bit of a brick wall.

Volunteers have successfully built about half of the building, but they still need $7,000 - $8,000 to finish it.

It's taken nearly a decade for the Phenix ballpark to get to where it is today. After breaking ground in 2000, they gradually added two little league ball fields, dugouts & batting cages.

Next up is the concession stand. It's close, but there are still a few missing parts.

"The entrance doors the concession doors," said Will White from the Board of Phenix Dixie Youth Inc.

"The refrigerator and stove, all the facilities on the inside," said Kenny Redmond, VP of Phenix Dixie Youth Inc.

Phenix Dixie Youth Inc has volunteers to finish the work, what they don't have is the money for those materials.

In past years, they served up snacks under a 10x10 tent with a grill.

"With bad weather or rain, there's not a lot you can do," said Redmond.

They hooked up a refrigerator outdoors to keep the food, and as for a bathroom?

"Right now we're having to use porta johns," said White.

Currently, the ball park only has one set of bleechers where the girls play softball. The boy's field has none because they were stolen just a few months ago.

"The kids in Phenix never really had a homefield," said Redmond.

The entire field was built off of donations, everything from the land to the labor. But donations ran out and they've done everything under the sun to fund it.

"We've put in a grant to Lowe's we're hoping that that will come through," said Redmond.

An added incentive for finishing the concession stand - proceeds from sales will help bring funds in for the park.

If you'd like to help, contact Will White @ 434-542-5822.

Phenix Dixie Youth Inc. is a nonprofit.