Volunteers in Danville Help Fix Up God's Pit Crew Building

Danville, VA - They go around the world helping others, and now the Danville community is coming together to help them. God's Pit Crew's building on North Main Street needs some renovations. So, the community is pitching in to help out.

The building has not been updated since they moved in five years ago. So, volunteers have worked all last week and this week to make it a little nicer for everyone.

"We've been chasing one disaster, one project one right after another for thirteen years now," said Randy Johnson, executive director.

While God's Pit Crew has been around the world helping people during their worst times, they've have their home neglected. Their office and warehouse haven't seen renovations since 2008. So, just like their missions, volunteers picked up and helped out.

"Freshing things up and making the changes has excited everybody around here I think," said Johnson.

And they have a lot to do including landscaping, painting, extending a wall, adding a TV, and even fixing a bathroom that's been 'out of order' for two years.

"Will change the atmosphere so lifts the spirits of our staff and our volunteers," said Johnson.

"Anything that we do for God, we want it to be pristine so we are doing it from our heart," said Eloise Swann, volunteer.

Eloise Swann has volunteered off and on for years with God's Pit Crew. But for this nearby project, she jumped at the idea to help out.

"It makes me feel so wonderful that we have such an organization here in town, in Danville, that cares so much about the people worldwide," said Swann.

More than fifty volunteers have put in their time to make this building a little nicer. And everyone agrees a little TLC at this location can go a long way.

"They really want to help in every area they can. And if we are stronger, than we are better able to help others when the time comes to," said Johnson.

God's Pit Crew hopes to get a majority of the work completed by the end of the week. But they say they could always use more volunteers if you want to help out.