Volunteers Deliver Donations to Moore, Tornado Victims Thankful

Moore, OK - Two days after a massive EF-5 tornado devastated the heavily-populated area of Moore, many victims say they are thankful for the small gestures of help they are already seeing from all over the country.

Gleaning for the World from Concord sent two tractor trailer loads filled with supplies to the hardest hit areas in Moore.

Many told ABC 13's Parker Slaybaugh, who was in Moore Wednesday, they were simply thankful for a cold drink or a clean piece of clothing after losing everything.

At a nearby hospital in Moore, a staff member said she and 16 others crammed in a small room when the tornado hit, and they were amazed that they all survived.

The Moore tornado damaged an estimated 13,000 homes and caused $2 billion in damage. The death toll stands at 24 as of this writing.

EF-5 tornadoes are the strongest known to meteorologists, with winds well over 200 miles per hour.