Volunteers Come Together to Give Women a Home After Incarceration

Danville, VA - Folks have come together in Danville to work on a project that will help women who are in jail transition back into society.

Cross Roads Reconciliation Services and dozens of volunteers pitched in to make a house on Campbell Street a temporary home for these women who may not have any other place to go.

"My parents raised four other children besides myself, and so when they passed away, I decided to donate this house to crossroads for the Truth Steps program which will be called Truth House, " said Crossroads board member Kitty Francis.
The location will house 6 to 8 women as well as a live-in pastor and his wife. For now, the home is filled with volunteers - from here locally and all over the state - who are working on the renovation.
"It's almost hard to put into words how wonderful it is to be able to do this, " said volunteer Joey Miller.
Most of the volunteers are giving time from their summer vacations to help with this project, which Francis says, makes their gift even more special.
"It has really been overwhelming to see people take their time as young people...they could be out swimming, golfing, playing," she said.
"To be here rather than be at the pool is awesome because we get to give back to the community that has given so much to us, " Miller said.
Francis hopes that the home, once completed will just be the first step on a road to redemption for a population of women in Danville that often goes overlooked.
To those women, she wants to send a message of faith, but most of all, hope.
"There's still people who love them and who care for them, who's rooting them on to get out there and just keep pressing in and keep trying, and that's what this project is about...hope, " she said.
The volunteers from the Richmond Diocese will be leaving Friday, but the project is not quite finished. Francis says a few more volunteers have signed on, but if you or your organization would like to lend a hand, contact Cross Roads at (434) 791-2767 or