Volunteers Busy Transporting People to & From Polls

Lynchburg, VA - An issue some people face when it comes to voting is getting to the polls. That is why the Central Virginia Voters League and the Campbell County NAACP teamed up to provide rides to and from the polls all day long.

These people dedicate their day to making sure people get to vote. They say they do it because they understand the importance of voting and sometimes people may just need a little extra help.

The day started early with a stop to pick up Laura Crews. Volunteer and President of the Campbell County NAACP Reginald Herndon allowed us to tag along as we took Crews to the polls.

After exercising her constitutional right, thanks to some help getting there, Crews could not hold back the excitement.

"Feeling great," Crews said. "I've always felt as a person with a disability that it was kind of my responsibility to look out for other people who might not have a voice."

"This morning she said that she wanted to go vote, and so we felt that is was our duty to get her here," Herndon said.

It is stories like this that Herndon says makes it easy to give his time.

"We don't want a disability to be a barrier for people not being able to get to the polls," Herndon said.

But not just those with disabilities, anyone could call for a ride.

"We just want to make sure people have the opportunity to vote," Herndon said.

"If they have that extra help, they're more likely to come out and participate in things," Crews said.

If you still need a ride to the polls before they close, you have until 6:30 p.m. to call.

Here is the list of people transporting to and from the polls:

Campbell County NAACP: 434-528-4971, ext. 103

Lynchburg GOP Headquarters: 434-825-2750

Lynchburg Democratic Committee: 434-845-1400