Volunteers Bring Awareness to Alexis Murphy at Lockn' Music Festival

Nelson Co., VA - The Lockn' festival has brought thousands of fresh faces to Nelson County, many from out of state.

And people jumped on that opportunity to share the story of Alexis Murphy with those out of towners.

A table was set up by a local church distributed missing person flyers to the thousands of cars that drove by on Thursday.

Murphy went missing more than a month ago. Many in Nelson County still hopeful that she will be found; even more so now that they've gotten her story out to more than 25,000 new people.

"It's a good time to do it, with all the people in the area from out of state, you never know who's libel to have seen her or know something" said David Cheatham, a local volunteer.

Volunteers will be handing out flyers with Murphy's information until the Lockn' festival ends, this Sunday.