Virginia's Governor's Race Gains National Attention

Roanoke, VA - Virginia's race for governor is one of only two this year and has gained national attention.

Several times during the final stretch of this year's governor's race, the Democratic side has advised followers this race is about much more than Virginia.

"That's what this Governor's race is all about. Virginia is going to get a chance to send a signal to its own people and the rest of the fellow Americans about how we should govern in the 21st Century," former President Bill Clinton said last Wednesday.

Clinton's sentiments are bouncing around every major national media outlet as well, suggesting all eyes are on the Commonwealth.

With moderate Republican Chris Christie well ahead in the Nation's other big race in New Jersey, the attention has moved here to Virginia.

At stake, other than the governorship, is validation or denial of the Tea Party movement.

Cuccinelli has had no problem identifying with the party. That has the pundits saying a loss for Cuccinelli in a swing state like Virginia is a shot at all candidates looking to line up such endorsements.

Hollins University Political Scientist Dr. Ed Lynch believes a Cuccinelli loss would be a "moderate" blow to the Tea Party.

"No matter how this turns out this is not the last chapter in the story," Dr. Lynch said.

Dr. Lynch says regardless, this election will have both parties looking inward.

"I think both parties are going to be looking at candidates that don't have the baggage that McAuliffe and Cuccinelli have. They are both weighted down with a lot of baggage. I think we are going to see, where there are open seats, People asking that question: 'Who can present that ideology without the baggage in a more pure form so we get a better read about what voters think about?'" Dr. Lynch said.

While all major polls show McAuliffe still up beyond the margin of error, Dr. Lynch says early indications show there will be low voter turnout. That's a factor that would likely prove to help Cuccinelli.