Virginia Western Offers Class To Start Business In One Semester

Roanoke, VA - Virginia Western is offering a new course that should give students the tools to start their own business after the one semester course is completed.

The Entrepreneurship Plus Program is a hands on program that plans to also act as a business incubator.

Class planners say with 30-slots open... they hope that means 30 new businesses will soon follow.

The course is a hybrid course that will be half in the classroom and half in the field.

"Historically you spend two years... you write a business plan. But a lot of times what people are missing is customer feedback. So this model is based off a lean start up model and the idea is that you get feedback from customers as you go," said class instructor, Samantha Steidle.

The response, so far has been pretty good as that first class is full.

Monday, college officials added a second class to the fall semester so if you are interested you can register online at the link posted on our site: WSET.COM.