Virginia Western Community College Goes Paperless

Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke has started a pilot program that they hope will save millions of sheets of paper a year.

The system is called Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere, or WEPA. Users can use wireless or USB connections to upload electronic documents from anywhere on campus and print them off from one of 13 kiosks on campus.

"This is just an initial phase. We're just putting these 13 devices in public areas. We're going to test it out, see how it works and we hope it's going to be a win/win for everybody," said David Harrison, director of Information and Educational Technologies.

The college estimates at least $26,000 a year will be saved in paper and toner alone.

Also, Virginia Western students are hired by the kiosk owners to maintain the pay-for-service devices so students have new job options.