Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit Takes Root in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA- Several groundbreaking organizations came together in Lynchburg for the second day of the first-ever Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit.

The event included 135 participants including farmers, government officials and researchers. Lynchburg Grows helped organize the event in hopes of growing urban farming in the Commonwealth. They began the summit Tuesday with a speech from the first lady, Dorothy McAuliffe. Wednesday attendees heard from two prominent women in the field of urban agriculture.

"Our ability to produce food in urban and rural environments to provide food to people who need it is critically important. This is a great venue for people coming together who do it and can talk about how we can work together to address a greater need," said Dr. Jewel Hairston, Dean of the School of Agriculture at Virginia State University.

"There are many parts of our food system and many opportunities for economic development, for social entrepreneurship, from meeting a basic and fundamental need that all of us share. And we all have a responsibility to do whatever we can to meet that need," said Robin Emmons, founder of the Sow Much Good program in Charlotte, NC.

Wednesday participants discussed food desserts and food access, how to provide high quality produce at a low price, and the role of government in urban farming.