Virginia University of Lynchburg Placed on Probation

Lynchburg, VA - Virginia University of Lynchburg is on probation with its accrediting body for 'failure to maintain financial stability' and 'non-compliance with TRACS standards.'

The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools is the gatekeeper of VUL's federal funding.

The Accreditation Commission voted to put the school on probation at its October 29th meeting.

TRACS released the following statement on its website: "This Accreditation Commission action underscores the fact that financial stability is at the core of TRACS' responsibility as a gatekeeper for Federal Title IV Funds, and the importance of VUL moving aggressively to fully address the concerns which necessitated that the Accreditation Commission take such action."

VUL will be on probation for one year, at which point TRACS could remove its probation status, continue its probation for another year, or be required to explain why its accreditation should not be removed.

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