Virginia Tech Students Hold Ceremony for Veterans

Blacksburg, VA - There were Veterans Day ceremonies at Virginia Tech throughout much of the day, including a reading of most all Americans killed overseas since 9/11.

Monday, the group of student veterans, Corps of Cadets, laid a wreath at the War Memorial which then gave way to the "Veterans@VT Roll Call." They took turns reading the names of the fallen.

The ceremony began just before 2 p.m. with a moment of silence meant to coincide with the national moment of silence. That was quickly followed by the first names of more than 6,500 that will be read through the remainder of the day.

Organizers believe it will take the roughly 20 volunteers about seven hours to complete the tribute.

"These are the guys that we went to class with. Those that we used to hang out with on the weekend and some of us went forward to war with them and some of them did not come home. It's a very powerful and humbling feeling to know that these men and women have paid the ultimate price to ensure all of us have what we have today," said Eric Ambroz with Veterans@VT.

This is the first year the group has taken on this tribute and they expect to do it again next year. In all, eight former Virginia Tech students are on that list.