Virginia Tech Plants Clone Of "Henderson Sycamore"

Blacksburg, VA - Virginia Tech kicked off Earth Week activities by planting a clone of the famous Sycamore that stood on Henderson lawn for more than 150-years.

An interesting tidbit-- President Charles Steger was one of the original Earth Day organizers back in 1970.

Today he welcomed dozens who came out to see the planting.

The cloning process took more than three years to complete which resulted in two identical copies of the tree.

The original Henderson Sycamore was harvested in 2010 out of concern for safety.

"It's planted in just about the same place as the old one. I don't want to say "the old one". It's the same one. It's a clone of the original one. It literally is it," said John Seiler who cloned the tree.

The exact age of the Henderson Sycamore is not known... although they do know the tree greeted the first visitors to campus when it opened in 1872.