Virginia Signs CSX Non-Disclosure Agreement Regarding Oil Transportation

Lynchburg, VA - Following a federal DOT order, demanding CSX and other rail companies disclose where and how much crude oil is moving through a city or state, CSX with a bold move to keep that information quiet. A CSX non-disclosure agreement has circulated to 13 states, citing security concerns if transportation information was leaked to the public. CSX has asked states to sign the agreement, saying if they don't they will not provide oil transportation updates. Jeffrey Stern the Virginia Emergency Management Coordinator signed the agreement. "Any area that's having hazardous materials transported through it should have some knowledge of what's going through their community and how to deal with it" said Kimball Payne, Lynchburg's City Manager. Payne was happy with the CSX disclosure as is. Too much information he said seemed unnecessary. "We would like to know what the potential risk is, what the threat is if there's an accident and generally how often something is coming through and in general terms, how much is coming through. We don't need to know that something's coming through this time of day on this day of the week" said Payne. Following a CSX disclosure, City Emergency Management officials will know vital information of what's moving through and when. Average citizens though that live feet from tracks will not. The non-disclosure document cites the information as "highly sensitive confidential routing information... that could be detrimental to transportation security and public safety if publicly disclosed." CSX has notified 13 states of the estimated number of oil units that move on a weekly basis, their routing information with maps, and emergency response information; that all, as required by the Federal DOT, will be provided to local emergency responders, given that they keep that information confidential.