Virginia Sec. of Natural Resources and EPA holding Public Meeting on Coal Ash Spill

Danville, VA - Federal and state environmentalists are back in Danville evaluating the 82,000 tons of coal ash that spilled into the Dan River the first week of February.

The amount of toxic sludge that now lies in the river is enough to fill 73 Olympic-sized pools.
Molly Ward, Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources, toured the Danville water treatment plant and met with city leaders and public works officials Tuesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Commonwealth of Virginia will hold a meeting with Secretary Ward and EPA representatives at the Danville City Council Chamber Tuesday night at 6:30.

The focus of the meeting is to assess and monitor the water quality of the Dan River and find ways to remove the coal ash from the river. According to Senator Bill Stanley, the US Army Corps of Engineers is being consulted for this removal.
A public meeting is planned to be held in South Boston on Thursday. WSET bring you more details when it receives them.
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