Virginia Releases Unclaimed Property List

Richmond, VA - The Commonwealth released the annual unclaimed property list and thousands of Virginians have money coming to them. Nearly $40 million were returned to Virginians last year.

Josh Oppenheimer, of Forest, is on this year's list. Oppenheimer discovered on the state treasury web site that a furniture store owes him more than $50. To get his money, Oppenheimer must fill out and send in a form. He must also provide a photo copy of his photo ID, his tax ID number, social security number, and evidence of address.

"They're going to draw the process out so people get so frustrated they don't want the money anymore," said Oppenheimer. "It looks like they're probably discouraging people from going and doing it."

Despite that, Oppenheimer says he will take the steps to claim his money.

"Hey, I made 50 more dollars today. That's a pretty good day's work," said Oppenheimer.

There is no time limit to claim property. The money is used to fund lost cost school loans and other K-12 education projects until it's claimed.