Virginia Police & Officials Have Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Virginia State Police officials are reminding people to drive safely in anticipation of road and weather conditions worsening Thursday.

They say people should slow down and drive at speeds based on the conditions of the roadways. Here are some driving tips:

Leave early and allow yourself extra time to get to your destination

Obey all the traffic laws and buckle up

Slow Down - The posted speed limit is for driving during prime road conditions

Increase your following distance and brake earlier. A wet surface increases your need for stopping distance

Never drive through standing or high water

Turn your headlights on during inclement weather. This increases your visibility.

If your windshield wipers are not on the intermittent cycle, then you must have your headlights on.

If you feel your vehicle hydroplane, let your foot off the gas and steer straight until you regain control. Do not slam on your brakes.

Always drive distraction free

If you are involved in a crash, you can dial #77 from your cell phone. This call will go directly to a Virginia State Police Communications Center. When you call, the dispatcher will ask for your location, so it is important to know your route of travel to expedite our response time to your call for service.

VDOT officials also recommend that before leaving home or work, you check road conditions by calling 511 or logging on to and avoid driving in hazardous conditions if at all possible.

To report downed trees or hazardous road condition, call VDOT's Customer Service Center at 800-367-7623 (800-FOR-ROAD).