Virginia Lawmakers Discuss Privacy Concerns, Immigration on National TV

Washington, D.C. - Two Virginia members of the U.S House of Representatives appeared on national television Sunday morning.

Bob Goodlatte, a Republican who represents Lynchburg and Roanoke, and Bobby Scott, a Democrat who represents parts of Eastern Virginia appeared side by side on the CBS program Face the Nation.

The two men discussed privacy concerns as well as immigration reform.

Currently, Congress is in their traditional August recess, but both men say that come September, both issues will be hotly debated.

The first topic of discussion was the NSA and the information collection that Edward Snowden revealed to the public.

"Do you fell that privacy has been invaded Mr. Chairman?," asked host Bob Schieffer.

"Well I think that we need to have much stronger oversight to determine whether or not that is indeed the case," Goodlatte said.

Congressman Goodlatte went onto say that after the leaks were made public, the house held a classified briefing for all the members of the House.

Goodlatte said many of its own members had not even known about the programs, and now want more information.

"How much this costs, what information is being gathered, and how these programs need to be changed to comply with the law," Goodlatte continued.

Congressman Bobby Scott says he wants to know what is being done with the information obtained.

"The real question is what can you do with the information after you have gotten it, and it seems we're being told one thing, what they do, and they kinda fuzzafy what the process is that they use and what the law restricts," Scott declared.

The other issue discussed concerned immigration.

"I think there are good possibilities that we can reform what is a broken immigration system, we are a nation of immigrants," Goodlatte said.

Goodlatte says he wants to make certain there won't be another wave of illegal immigration, and wants to make sure the current laws are actually enforced.

Scott says he wants to secure the boarders, deal with the people here, and deal with new people coming in.

"The bill that covered all those bases passed the senate with over 70 votes. We can do the same thing," Scott said.

The segment ended with Goodlatte stating that he and Scott would work together to figure out immigration reform.