Virginia Kicking Off Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Danville, VA - The nation has seen its fair share of severe weather the last few weeks from tornadoes. Now, hurricane season is around the corner.

In an effort to get Virginians ready for any weather changes to come from the tropics, the state is kicking off its Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday this weekend.

Many people at a local hardware store Saturday said they actually didn't know about the sales tax holiday. Customers say it's something they'll definitely take advantage this week, however.

Hurricane season officially starts June 1, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management wants to make sure residents are as prepared as they can be.

The incentive involved eliminating the 5 % sales tax for hurricane preparedness items.

"It's a very good option for the state of Virginia, really for the customers themselves to take the full advantage of it because you never know when you really need those items that are on the list," said Kimberly Saunders, Home Depot Operations Assistant Store Manager.

Items such as batteries, flashlights, buckets, water, and two-way radios are on the list that applies to the tax cut.

Home Depot says to buy now instead of being part of the mad to rush to the stores if and when the bad weather hits.

"We know when any hurricanes or tornados or anything like that that's going to be in the area, we're prepared for influx of customers," Saunders said.

The store says the number one item they run out of the fastest during severe weather are generators. They advise you to get them now if you want or feel you may need one.

"You save quite a bit of money," Saunders said.

"I do not like being in the dark so I will definitely get stuff to be prepared in case of storms," said customer Maria Jackson.

"It helps me save during the times I need to purchase batteries and water," shopper Malinda Crawley said.

Howard Lester said he would end up finding something to come in handy during severe weather.

"I'm pretty good on flashlights and batteries, but I would find something else, yes," Lester said.

"It's really good, a lot of helpas much saving as possible will definitely help in the time of need," Jackson added.

"We need to always be prepared whatever the weather may bring us," Crawley said.

The Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday started Saturday and ends May 31.