Virginia K-9 Officer Breaks Leg Catching Burglary Suspect

Winchester, VA - Virginia K-9 officer is home from the vet this evening, after severely breaking his leg in a fall apprehending a burglary suspect.

Winchester Police say Kota bit the suspect and cornered him in the upper level of a house Friday night.

Police say the suspect admitted to pushing the dog through the ceiling.

Kota's partner Corporal Brittney Kotynski-Neer could hear him yelping in pain. She says Kota could still hear officers struggling above, and the next thing they knew, the dog was back upstairs ready to help, despite being hurt.

"To actually work with an animal and have to trust that animal in situations that most people don't have to, or to know that animal literally thinks of you as their pack member, and is going to do whatever they need to protect you, it's an incredible feeling," K9 Handler Cpl. Brittney Kotynski-Neer said.

Kota underwent a four-hour surgery Monday.

Donors from all over have sent thousands of dollars to cover all of the K9's vet costs.

Kota's handler says Kota should be able to do narcotics searches again, but, his injuries could prevent him from returning to human tracking.