Virginia 10 Miler Training Teams

Lynchburg, VA - There's something sort of daunting about signing up for a road race like the Virginia 10 Miler. Let's face it, you're committing to show up and run either 10 or 4 miles depending on your race.

But this year, the new Live Healthy Training program is helping runners like Jennifer Major reach their goals.

"I just wanted to lose weight and become a little healthier and I thought it'd be a great activity to be involved in," Major said.

So Major signed up for the Live Healthy Training program so she can run in the 4 Miler.

"This is my first time and I signed up for the group because of the accountability - to have to come every week and be with people who have more experience running," Major said.

Cross country coach Barbara Lucy signed on to be the trainer.

They meet once a week at the one of the Lynchburg YMCA locations and run.

"The majority of people in our group were beginner runners and they joined the group because they wanted to heave someone encourage them," Lucy said. "They wanted to have focus and they wanted to have a plan.

Their goals are evolving as the training continues.

"Some are in it to finish the race and some have now changed from that mode to finish with good time," Lucy said.

"I have been able to run faster than I thought I could before for longer distances so I think I'm making some progress definitely," Major said.

The kind of progress that's not only changing Major's run, but her everyday life too.

"It really makes you feel empowered.{} It makes you feel strong and empowered and confident in yourself," Major said.