Virginia 10 Miler: Moore's Electric

Altavista, VA - The theme for this year's Virginia 10 Miler is just to live healthy. A lot of area companies are trying to encourage that by paying for their employees to walk or run.

But Moore's Electric in Altavista is covering registration and much more when it comes to their employee's health.

Step by step, pound by pound, Jonathan Locy is transforming his health. He started to walk through a new door a year ago after the yearly wellness exam at Moore's Electric.

"The doctor said you are at risk for heart attack and stroke. I said, 'Not me. This can't happen. I'm only 32 years old.'"

So he started to eat right. But at the beginning of this year, he still felt overweight.

"I got even more strict with my diet and started exercising," Locy said. "I just started living wellness as a lifestyle. Year to date I've lost 45 pounds."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

A lot of his fellow employees look a little different these days. {}Owner Dale Moore said two have lost 100 pounds.{} Several others have shed weight too.

"It is a culture change," Moore said.

A change to a healthier lifestyle that started five years ago when Moore's made annual health screenings available to its 400+ employees.

What they found that first year was shocking.

"I think it was two or three cancers," Moore said. "A lot of diabetes, high blood pressure that people didn't know they had."

That prompted Moore to encourage his work family to follow doctor's orders, get healthy and participate in area races like the Virginia 10 Miler. In exchange, they get a discount on their health insurance.

"It's a win, win for the company and the person," Moore said. "When a person loses 45 pounds they feel good about themselves too."

Locy tries to stay on track by keeping her mind on what's really important.

"I equate it to my walk with the Lord," Locy said. "Like renewing your mind daily with the word of God, we have to renew our bodies every day and keep them fresh with diet and exercise."{}{}

Moore's Electric is taking the live healthy initiative a step further. They've brought in a company called Panoramic Wellness to help them find programs to help employees and their families live healthier lives.

Race day -- you'll see over 30 Moore's Electric T-shirts participating in the Virginia 10 Miler.