Virginia 10 Miler is About More Than Just Winning

Lynchburg, VA - The 39th Annual Genworth Virginia Ten Miler kicked off early Saturday morning in Lynchburg with a record number of participants on the track. More than 3,000 people total participated in the Ten Miler, the Four Mile Run, and the Four Mile Walk.

When you typically hear about a race, people often think about who finished first. Kenyan Native, Julius Kogo, knows about that.

"Today I just did my best, and I thank God for that," said Julius Kogo, winner of the Virginia 10 Miler.

Kogo, won this years 10 Miler with a time of 47:47. He was less than a minute away from beating the course record. Julius Kibet, also a native of Kenya, finished 2nd with a time of 48:20. Bobby Mack, who made the trip from Raleigh, North Carolina, rounded out the top 3 with a time of 48:30.

On the women's side, Kenyan Native, Hellen Jemutai, finished 1st. Emily Harrison, who is from Front Royal Virginia, finished a close 2nd.

But what often goes unnoticed about any race, are the stories of accomplishments, and people giving it their all.

"It's a huge accomplishment, just to beat your time from last year, to know you can do it and that you made the choice to get out here and put the effort into it," said Connie Anderson, who finished the Four Miler.

"It's just personal best, it doesn't matter what place you come in, it's just your personal best," said Tammy Webster, who also finished the Four Miler.

The Virginia 10 Miler, and the Virginia four miler, brings out people of all ages and skill level.

"It was really tiring, but really fun," said Emma Mistrettn, who finished her first Virginia Four Miler Race.

Mistrettn is eight-years-old and was happy to finish Saturday's race.

"I was just thinking that I can't believe that I really just did this, I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it," said Mistrettn.

The race is also about family. Joel Foster and his son ran the 10 miler together. Foster says his son beat him by about 10 minutes, but it's all about being a team.

"I didn't think I had anything left but I ended up sprinting the whole last quarter mile, but it was just like 'oh man get to that line', it was something I've never felt before," said Foster.

As Foster and his son caught their breath, they also cheered on their mom who was still running in the 10 mile race.

The Ten Miler's race director says they are already planning for next year's event. For a list of full results visit the Virginia 10 Miler web site.