Virgilina Community Setting Up for Summerfest

Virgilina, VA - Thousands of people will line the streets of Virgilina this weekend for the 32nd annual Summerfest celebration. The event, put together by the Virgilina Fire Department, features music, food and fun for the whole family. Firefighters in Virgilina won't be getting any sleep for the next couple of nights as they prepare to host around 3,000 people. Organizers say the support from the annual fundraiser helps keep the station going all year. "They're going to start peeling potatoes and onions in the morning," said Virgilina Volunteer Fire Dept. Treasurer Ralph Murray. If you love Brunswick stew and barbecue, Virgilina is the place to be this weekend. They're serving up more than 200 hundred gallons of stew and 300 hundred pounds of pork at Summerfest. "We're in for a long weekend," said Murray. Firemen like Murray are in full preparation mode, trying to make sure everything is ready for the annual event. "It makes you feel good when everything is successful and everyone come and has a good time," Murray said. Murray says attendees will experience a range of activities, including live music, a parade and children's games. Longtime participants say it's a really big deal. "It's great for the community and it is also so nice for the fire department," said Virgilina Resident Hannah Murray-Hite. At 92, Murray-Hite says she has been going since the very first Summerfest. She's glad to see it's still going strong after 32 years. "They have something for the children, they have something for the older folks. To get together with people far and near that come, it's a great event," Murray-Hite said. Dozens of sponsors have pitched in to provide everything, from banners to drinks, to offset the thousands of dollars in up-front costs. Murray says the financial support Summerfest brings to the fire department is worth all the work that goes into it. "Anybody that has ever been associated with volunteer firemen, they know how much money it takes to operate one of these places, and we've got people that have really supported us for a long time," Murray said.