VIR Hosts Charity Laps for Boys and Girls Club

Halifax Co.,VA-- Several people in Halifax County were whizzing around a racetrack on Thursday, but were raising money with every lap.

Virginia International Raceway held a charity laps event today to benefit the Danville and Chatham Area Boys and Girls Club. Participants paid $25 for 15 minutes on one of their tracks. People also had the opportunity to ride around a track with a professional driver.

VIR says the area Boys and Girls Club takes care of 400 children, and wanted to do something to commend them for their hard work.

"They just do a phenomenal job, " said Sandie Currie, Virginia International Raceway's Director of Resort Development. "They take our children, where a lot of them do not have place to go, they don't have a safe place to go after school, they don't necessarily have food in their refrigerator when they get home, or someone to be able to meet and greet them."

VIR hoped to raise $5,000.