VIR Hosts Aston Martin GT4 Challenge

Halifax Co., VA - VIR is hosting a one of a kind event this weekend with a schedule race fans will love.The NARRA Aston Martin GT4 Challenge will stop in Halifax County as part of its North American debut.Only five tracks in America will get to host the challenge over the next few weeks."It's a beautiful track. It's a very fast track, a very challenging track for our drivers, " said Matt Ambroziak, the TRG/Aston Martin Racing Director of Marketing.The challenge is a European series making it's North American debut. Most of the drivers are amateurs who race for fun and look to beat their own personal bests. "They're out here to have a really good weekend in a way that is not overly competitive, " Ambroziak said, adding that VIR and its list of onsite amenities was the perfect fit for the luxury series' drivers and their families."They came to us and said, 'Hey, when can we work this series into your event?' and we were very excited to oblige, " said VIR Marketing Director Mike Rose.A variety of other races will also be underway this weekend - including the US GT Championship.This track is especially near and dear to one of that series' most vibrant racers, Kathy Stout.Stout - a minority owner of the VIR track - has been racing her signature purple viper for years. She looks forward to fans coming out to support the races this weekend, but she doesn't want to think about the crowds of onlookers during the race."When I'm on the track, I try to put on my blinders and not think about it. It's great that they're here. I just hope I don't mess up!", Stout said.The event will continue through Sunday. Tickets are $20 at the gate. For more information on the schedule of events, go to