Vigil Held in Danville for Murder Victim a Year After Her Death

Danville, VA - Sunday marked the one year anniversary of a Danville woman's murder.

Police say Jordan Griffin, 22, was shot in the chest eight times by her boyfriend's brother after a conflict about tennis shoes.

A candlelight vigil was held Sunday in her honor at the Cardinal Youth Center.

Jordan's father, Timothy Griffin says the death of his daughter was tragic, but he's using her murder as a tool to try to reduce crime in Danville. He created a group called Stop the Violence.

Griffin's main goal is to educate parents about the importance of being more involved in the lives of their children. He says keeping track of their friends, and what kind of activities their kids are involved in is crucial in preventing crimes of like the one that took his daughter's life.

"My way of coping with the whole situation is getting out here trying to prevent the next kid form being killed. Going into the community and rallying stop the violence," Jordan's Father Timothy Griffin, explained.

Jordan Griffin left behind two children.