Viewers Admire Saturday Evening's Double Rainbow

ABC 13 Photojournalist Ira Quillen

(Home page photo courtesy: Jerry Price)

Lynchburg, VA - One lone shower isn't normally that big of a deal, but when the small area of rain sits near Lynchburg as the sun is setting, the sky can put on a beautiful show.

ABC 13 viewers and employees took to their cameras and cell phones Saturday evening as a double rainbow became visible near the Hill City and other areas as well.

There were a few small showers in the area, mainly to the east. With the sun setting off to the west, the sunlight was able to hit the raindrops and "scatter" the light.

The process of "scattering" light is what makes rainbows possible. We normally see the sun's white light as all of the colors combined. But when the light is stretched, or scattered, the individual colors within the sunlight are made visible by the raindrops.

If the sun's light is reflected twice, like it was Saturday, then a second rainbow can appear, with the colors reversed (much like a mirror).

No single person actually sees the exact same rainbow. Since each person is standing in a different place, looking at different angles, and raindrops are constantly falling to create the rainbow, every picture or viewing of a rainbow are actually different from others.

There may be more showers and storms in our forecast, so be on the look-out for rainbows, especially if the sun is setting off to the west when it's raining!

-ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton