Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Stops in Halifax Co.

Halifax Co., VA - The traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall made its way to Halifax County Tuesday with quite a kick-off.

The wall will be on display in Halifax County High School's stadium, and today was just the beginning of the week's festivities.

Dozens of bikers rode in with their flags in tow to honor fallen soldiers and veterans.

The riders met at Annin Flag Company in South Boston and brought in the 18 wheeler carrying the traveling wall.

The JROTC at Halifax County High School greeted the riders as they entered the football stadium.

Tomorrow workers will begin setting up the wall and Thursday, it will officially open to the public following an opening ceremony.

The wall's Halifax County visit was months in the making.

Organizers say they look forward to giving the community a chance to pay their respects and giving veterans a chance to salute their comrades.

"It's a healing process for the veterans that didn't get a chance to say goodbye to their fellow servicemen when they died in Vietnam. So when they come to the wall they say goodbye, " said site manager Brenda Dobek.

Saturday motorcycle riders will pay tribute again for Bike Day, and the wall will close Sunday with a ceremony performed by the Honor Guard at 6:30 PM.