VHSCA All-Star Games Return to Lynchburg

Lynchburg - The Virginia High School Coaches Association All-Star Games are coming back to Lynchburg.

After the past 20 years in Hampton, including this year's Games that are being played all this week, the Games will return to the Hill City for a three-year run beginning in July of 2014. Discover Lynchburg, city and LU officials have been working the past three years on a Lynchburg bid that got the final stamp of approval Wednesday. After some failed bids through the years, why is NOW the time Lynchburg is able to win the Games back?

Denise Jackson, DISCOVER LYNCHBURG SPORTS SALES, said "Change. Everybody wants some type of change. The timing was right. LU facilities are awesome, our infrastructure is awesome. And more importantly, our community wanted these Games."
Most of the All-Star games will be held on LU's campus. It's estimated the Games could generate some eight million dollars of revenue to the Lynchburg area.