Veterans No Longer Want Jessica McCrickard at Monument Terrace

Lynchburg, VA-The veterans at Monument Terrace say they are done trying to make amends with the woman who vandalized the Doughboy statue last year.

As a part of Jessica McCrickard's suspended sentence, keeping her from going to jail for six months, she is required to spend four Fridays with the vets in downtown Lynchburg. After two Fridays with McCrickard, veterans say they've had enough.

Sgt. Steve Bozeman says the past two Fridays with McCrickard here have been forced and futile. The hope was that spending time with these veterans would teach her the importance of service, and the honor that these men and women deserve. Bozeman says no such lessons have been learned, and he's tired of trying to teach McCrickard, who in his words just doesn't seem interested.

He says with that kind of attitude, he and his fellow veterans don't want her around for their Friday gatherings.

"Very disappointed. Very disappointed. Not just me, but the majority that I've talked to are very disappointed. They feel like she's 22 years old, she's a college graduate. She should grow up a little bit and make amends," said Bozeman.

Despite not wanting McCrickard at their gatherings, Monument Terrace veterans do say if she has a change in heart, they are willing to accept an apology.

A hearing requiring McCrickard to show cause for why her suspended sentence should not be revoked was set for June 2nd. That hearing has been continued.