Veterans Emotions Run High at Events

Bedford, VA - A wave of emotions flooded over the veterans during the ceremonies Friday at the National D-Day Memorial. More than 300 surviving D-Day veterans were present during the day's events. It was a special time for veterans to examine the plaques, and remember their brothers, who couldn't be here for this day. Veterans like 92-year-old Bill Sharpe say the events of June 6, 1944 are not the easiest stories to tell, but they are ones that need to be heard. "Some of the stories I have to tell are sickening, some of them will make you cry, and some of them will make you glad. I spent three years over there. All the way to Berlin, Battle of the Bulge, Bastone, then all the way into Berlin. I covered a lot of ground out front pretty good," Sharpe explained. He traveled from Greensboro to be there Friday. Sharpe says that he wrote home every day for the three years he served in World War II. His wife saved every letter, allowing him to remember his brothers in arms all throughout the year.
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