Veteran Goes Undercover To Volunteer

Roanoke, VA - On this Veterans Day, we want to recognize a volunteer who has made sure he has a part in as many Habitat for Humanity of the Roanoke Valley projects as possible.

In fact, at 87-years old, the World War Two and Korean War veteran worked on the first 170 homes the group built, starting in 1986.

The key to Wyatt's success is to simply adapt and overcome; something that forced the wily old vet to do something he never had to do before -- in order to be involved in all 170 projects.

On this Saturday morning build, the ladies of Habitat for Humanity of the Roanoke Valley are getting it done on one of the group's few female-only builds.

An exercise that allows ladies like Carol Shehan to have a little "lady time" while working on a typically more manly job.

"I've been working with Habitat for about 13 years," said Shehan.

Except over the years, there's been one slight spoiler... Mary Smith.

"We told her... I mean we told him he couldn't work so he went back and came back as "Mary" and we had to let him... let her on site," said Shehan.

"Mary" is 87 year old Greeley Wyatt.

"So I helped build 170 houses and drove a nail in each of them... including the ladies' houses," said Wyatt.

Since retirement in 1986, Wyatt has been anything but idle.

The 170 houses in the Roanoke Valley he has worked on is just the beginning.

He has worked in disaster zones from Florida to Honduras to Jamaica trying to help - doing everything he can for others.

Even if it means looking more than a little out of place.

"I have fun at it. We enjoy it. Some of them want to run me off but I don't mind. I enjoy it because I am helping someone. It's exercise for me and good for me," said Wyatt.