V.E.S.' Johnson Commits to Delaware

Lynchburg - Another V.E.S. Bishops basketball standout announced he's made an early Division One commitment. Senior Skye Johnson says he'll head to Delaware next year in the Colonial Athletic Association, he also considered Drexel and Fairfield. Delaware has told him he could start or see lots of playing time as a freshman.

Skye Johnson, COMMITS TO DELAWARE, said "Even playing outside the CAA, they play a lot of out-of-conference games on national television and my further goal is to play professionally at some level. So being able to play on the floor, playing on national television, being able to get the extra exposure starting as early as possible definitely was a benefit."
With the early commitment, Johnson can now focus entirely on his senior season at V.E.S. He would love nothing more than ending his V.E.S. career with a state championship.