Venus Williams Comes to Chatham

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Tuesday, professional tennis player Venus Williams met with girls from Chatham Hall as part of their guest series.

"I've played a lot of matches in my life and I've learned a lot from tennis, so for me it's important to share that information, especially to young women because they need that," said Williams.

When Williams isn't scoring on the tennis court, she is sharing what she has learned to girls like these.

"Being a leader isn't just being a President of a country, it's about being a leader in your life and how you conduct yourself and being positive," said Williams.

When Chatham Hall announced they were bringing in Williams as part of their guest series, the emotions were high.

"All of us started screaming and some people were crying and she is such an influential person in general," said Erin Baker, Senior at Chatham Hall.

"I hadn't encountered somebody who had been on the news so much, I've heard so much about, it was really exciting," said Victoria Fitzgerald, a senior at Chatham Hall.

As an athlete herself, Erin Baker, looked forward to hearing about Williams' titles and more importantly lessons.

"Just the idea of team and being able to deal with things when you lose, when you don't coming in first place," said Baker.

Williams wants to share stories, hoping her accomplishments in tennis will inspire the girls to reach their own goals.

"To give their best, to believe in themselves, to set goals, and to learn from their life, to learn from the wins and to learn from the losses and take all the information and to make it into something positive that they can use," said Williams.

For the aspiring tennis player, Williams has a tip:

"Look at the ball. I know it sounds simple but it's one the biggest mistakes I make is just cheating looking on the other side of the court. So, keep that eye on the ball," said Williams.

Williams also looks forward to learning from the girls here. She will be speaking to Chatham Hall at a private event Tuesday night at 7:30. And she says she also wants to emphasize to always have fun.