VDOT Reduces Speed Limits in Pittsylvania Co. as Fatal Accident Toll Rises to Ten

Pittsylvania Co., VA - The head-on collision that killed an Averett University student last weekend is the tenth fatal accident in Pittsylvania County this year.VDOT just announced speed reductions on several roads throughout the county, the result of a speed study requested by county Supervisors, but is that enough to keep drivers safe on county roads?

Many of Pittsylvania County's thoroughfares consist of gravel roads, one-car bridges, and unmarked pavement. These can be found in just about any rural community, but Supervisors want to see more attention paid to these areas.

"VDOT has not actually said the roads are safe or unsafe, but they did find enough evidence and enough information to lower the speed limit some, " said Supervisor Jerry Hagerman.

Hagerman spear-headed an effort to get VDOT to complete a speed study on county roads. That study resulted in speed limit reductions from 55 to 45 miles per hour on these roads.

Residents on Climax Road sparked the conversation when they brought their concerns to the board about big, noisy trucks speeding by on the narrow road.

"Would you want to live on a freeway? That's not what we bought into. When we moved here 18 years ago, " said county resident Arlene Pilcer, but the latest fatal crash in a blind curve of Anderson Mill Road is drawing new concerns about road safety.

There's just one problem: "From what VDOT and the state tells us, there's no money available for roads or at least secondary roads, " said Hagerman.

"More funding would help, but VDOT works with the board of supervisors to identify what they can do with their funding and the Board of Supervisors identifies those priorities, " said VDOT Spokesperson Paula Jones.

Hagerman says while there's still no quick solution for the noisy trucks and unpaved roads, the newly reduced speed is a step in the right direction.

"Secondary roads are not fit for 55, 60 mile per hour speed limits, " Hagerman said.