VDOT Prepared for Snowstorm

Lexington, VA - The farther north you go, the more snow we are expecting.

Traveling could get treacherous in the morning rush on I-81 in Rockbridge County. We spoke with the local VDOT spokeswoman, Susan Hammond, who told us there's a lot of preparation that goes into making sure I-81 stays as clear as possible through most of the day Wednesday. I-81 is known as the north-south corridor, and is usually packed with cars and trucks. Hammond said no amount of snow will be able to keep every vehicle off this interstate.

They are still asking everyone to stay off the roads Wednesday. VDOT is having all their crews work 12 hour shifts to guarantee the major roadways like 81 and 64 stay clear.

For this particular storm Hammond told us most of their response will be during the actual snowfall Wednesday. This storm is calling for rain early on and the brine that they normally put on the roads prior to precipitation would be washed away. So everything being done to prevent significant accumulation on roads will be done Wednesday.

Hammond is asking all drivers to stay off the roads for their safety and to ensure plow truck drivers can do their jobs effectively.