VDOT Listening to Drivers About Dangerous Intersection in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - Officials say 7,000 cars drive through the intersection of Route 221 and Goode Station Road in Bedford County every single day.

That less than a half mile section of 221 was home to a dozen crashes between 2008 and 2011, one of them deadly. VDOT will take public comment on this intersection for the next 10 days.

Cody Campbell, 22, died in a 2009 crash. The chain reaction started when the car he was riding in was rear-ended, right in front of the Goode Country Store on Route 221 in Bedford County.

This is the sort of thing VDOT hopes $2 million in safety improvements will help prevent.

Ralph Hayes drives on Route 221 five days a week. When Hayes gets to the intersection with Goode Station Road

"I got to slow up real slow through this business area and also the post office because a lot of people come in and out of the traffic and you really can't see them until you're up on 'em."

VDOT wants to grade the banks right along 221 to improve sight distance for drivers. A VDOT survey crew has its eyes on the intersection before possibly adding turn lanes and changing access points to businesses.

"I don't think it will hinder us, it'll just be a change they have to get used to."

Rajel Hernandez still isn't totally used to the traffic, driving to the pizza shop she's had at the corner since December.

"I don't like to come down this way and turn in, because it's too fast."

The improvements on the other hand will take time. Work isn't expected to start for at least two years.

VDOT has heard from citizens who would like to see a stoplight out there and did complete a signal study that looks at things including traffic volume and crash history. It was determined that this area does not meet the criteria for a traffic signal.