VDOT Crews and Municipalities Monitor Rough Road Conditions

Lynchburg, VA - When the weather is bad, roads can become dangerous. And it's up to VDOT, and localities, to watch the roads closely and decide when to close them down.

Officials at VDOT and LynCom, Lynchburg's 911 center deal with a lot of road monitoring when the weather is bad.

These two groups take in all the information you need to know when driving in bad conditions.

"There's been a little bit of water here and there, but at least it's not the snow yet" said one driver of Tuesday's road conditions.

"It's just wet. So you just have to go a little bit slower, other than that it's fine," said another.

Roads luckily, remained clear in Lynchburg, but not without a careful watch from VDOT.

"When we get situations like we've got now with heavy rain, they will know where to go first to check on the roads to see what's happening" said VDOT's Assistant District Administrator, Tim Wiles.

22 local VDOT offices across the Lynchburg district's mass expanse of 10 counties, keeps V-Dot headquarters up to date on the latest road conditions and closures.

"We also rely on the state police who are out, the county sheriff's deputies, as well as the average citizen" said Wiles.

Rough roads are kept up to date on the VDOT 511 website.

"You can see the icons that are on there, they indicate that there's something going on at that particular location" said Wiles, while referencing the site.

If flooding, or downed trees cause closures, VDOT crews are deployed immediately.

Across town, LynCom's 911 center takes calls that come in as a result of those slippery streets.

"We'll have an influx of calls for accidents where people have either run off the road or they've run into other people" said LynCom Deputy Director, Melissa Foster.

"We'll get the information from the call entered, based on the question and answer sequence. And then we can go ahead and post it to dispatch for the police and fire department" said Matthew Closs, a LynCom Supervisor.

It takes a lot of behind the scenes work by many different groups to make sure that roads stay safe, even in the worst of driving conditions.

Officials at VDOT advise drivers to drive slower than normal when it's raining out. And don't hesitate to notify them, if you know of any road closures in your area.