VA Tech Honors Fallen 32 With Vigil

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Blacksburg, VA - Monday Virginia Tech held a vigil to honor the 32 lives lost in 2007. This anniversary and vigil were very different from the four others. For the first time, a generation of Hokies did not experience April 16, 2007 first-hand.

Virginia Tech President says his hope is that Monday's vigil brings students and faculty peace, comfort and strength.

"Five years have done nothing to heal," said President Charles Steger.

Under a somber sky, the names of the fallen 32 echo across the drillfield, and their accomplishments in this life were remembered.

Gov. Bob McDonnell noted the warm April 16 air and how different it is from the bitter cold on April 16, 2007. McDonnell was attorney general when the shooting happened.

"The proverbial, Why do bad things happen to good people, we will never fully be able to answer," said McDonnell.

Many students at Monday's vigil weren't Hokies five years ago when the campus was in mourning. Still, they are Hokies now. And suffer much the same.

"We're hurting but we're stronger," said one student.

This anniversary was the first students did have class, just like any other Monday. Students say it's a way to redefine April 16 for a new generation of Hokies.