US Humane Society Pushes Goodlatte to Support Dog Fighting Bill

Lynchburg, VA - A new bill introduced to Congress this week would make any spectator at a dog or cock fight, a federal criminal.

The Humane society of the United States has been traveling the state, drumming support for the bill; getting the word out Thursday to the constituents of Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

Goodlatte chairs the house judiciary committee, one of the committees that will vote on the proposed bill.

Humane society officials say spectators, who pay big bucks to see these fights, are just as much to blame as the owners of the dogs who fight them.

"There are some individuals that aren't clear on the fact that there are times when we need federal intervention on these animal fighting cases, when it's just simply too big and too multi-jurisdictional for state and local authorities," said the society's Director of Animal Cruelty Policy, John Goodwin.

Last session, a similar bill was introduced to the House of Representatives; however it never made it to a vote.