Urban Archery Season Starts Next Month

Lynchburg, VA - Virginia's urban archery season is right around the corner. The program is designed to help keep the deer population under control.

The program started in 10 places back in 2002. Now there are 41 localities allowing urban archery in Virginia, including the City of Lynchburg.

The season starts September 7, and if you're a property owner, you'll need a permit from your locality before a hunter steps foot on your land.

"It just amazes me there's so much in the woods for them to eat but this must be like expensive lettuce to them," said Lois Asensio. "We have a creek in the back and that's like their super highway. They exit here and proceed to eat their way to the other side of the street."

In Lois Asensio's neighborhood, the animals keep crashing the party, and crashing into cars. Neighbors say they have had enough.

"They want the deer gone. We enjoy hunting," said hunter Mike Troxel.

Troxel is the neighborhood huntsman. Come urban archery season, he's got permission to hunt from several property owners on New Britain Drive, a quiet cul-de-sac within Lynchburg city limits.

"Some of our landowners are almost like kids at Christmas. When we get a deer they're like can we help you come drag it out to the car," Troxel said.

The backyards in the neighborhood look more like the backwoods. Asensio has been trying to get other neighbors on board so that Troxel doesn't have to worry about trespassing if he needs to track a deer.

"Since the deer don't respect our property lines, we try to get the whole we try to get the whole area where they traverse covered," Asensio said.

Troxel got 11 deer during the special season last year, antlerless only that's the rule.

Urban archery hunters need the same permits they'd need during regular hunting season. There are three permits: a big game permit, a regular hunting permit, and an archery or crossbow permit.

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