Residents Speak Out on Uranium Mining Bill

Pittsylvania County, VA - Legislators in Richmond say if a uranium mining bill passes in the general assembly, tax revenues will be coming back to Pittsylvania County.

Senate Bill 919 and House Bill 1804, if passed, would mean tax revenues resulting from mining would be split between the state and the county where the mining takes place.

This could mean a big boost for the Pittsylvania County economy.

But some local officials say it is not enough to change their stance.

"I feel that it is just a ploy to gain those who are just not quite sure of what should be happening, " said Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Marshall Ecker.

Bill 919 would also call for an Economic Development and Environmental Trust Fund to be set up in the county to distribute the funds.

Lawmakers will have made a decision on the issue by the end of the General Assembly session.