Uranium Mining and Your Vote

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Local candidates are campaigning hard to get Your Voice, Your Vote. But what issues really matter to you? For a lot of people on the Southside the issue of uranium mining is at the top of their list.

It's important to remember that uranium mining in Pittsylvania County is a state issue. So, in the case of the fifth district congressional seat, Congressman Robert Hurt versus John Douglass, whoever wins will not decide this issue. But still, in the minds of many voters, uranium mining is a top priority.

Throughout Pittsylvania County front yards are littered with signs against uranium mining, urging residents to band together against uranium mining.

"I don't see it as something that is going to be good for the community here," said Bryan Mayhew, who is voting for Hurt.

And for some Southside voters, this issue changes minds and ballots.

"I have voted 75 percent of the time Republican," said Phillip Lovelace, who is voting for Douglass.

Philip Lovelace lives in Gretna and worries about the potential harm of lifting the ban.

"I'm going to vote Douglass due to the uranium issue. He has made a very strong stand on it," said Lovelace.

While Douglass has been vocal about his stance against uranium mining, Hurt has not made a public decision for or against.

"He could make a bigger stand than what he is doing and he is not coming forward on it. Right now that puts Douglass as the front runner to me," said Lovelace.

But not everyone bases their pick on this issue. Bryan Mayhew lives down the street, he feels strongly for all Republican candidates and still stands against uranium.

"That's only one issue and there are so many issues that are very important to me," said Mayhew.

Mayhew plans to vote for Hurt explaining uranium will not make or break his vote.

"When it comes the election you just have to take the majority of the issues and who goes in the direction of what you believe," said Mayhew.

When Robert Hurt was in the state legislature, he voted to approve a study on state uranium mining. Meanwhile, the Douglass campaign released a statement saying he will "fight for a federal ban against uranium mining near residential communities because our safety comes first."